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Police Recruit/Police Officer - City of Midland, TX (ID: 310102)

Title Police Recruit/Police Officer
Type Police Officer
Date Posted 2018-08-23
City / Organization City of Midland, TX
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Scope of Work:

Performs a variety of law enforcement and crime prevention tasks, investigative work, special assignments, technical and administrative tasks in support of the Police Department.


Patrol, Traffic, Canine, Airport, Investigations, Vice and Narcotics, Community Relations, DARE, Training or Planning and Research, Personnel and Recruiting.


 Essential Job Duties:
  • Participates in a variety of law enforcement activities which include arresting offenders and suspects for traffic and criminal offenses appearing in court for criminal, civil, and other law enforcement related matters; conducting surveillance.

  • Prepares reports on crimes and activities; attends briefings, and administrative meetings.

  • Operates department computer equipment to review records, inquire about activities and programs, and input various data.

  • Cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the apprehension of offenders and the investigation of offenses.

  • Interacts and works with citizens regarding existing and potential law enforcement and crime prevention problems and responds to requests and inquiries from the general public.

  • Works under stress and uses good judgment in emergency situations.

  • Physically apprehends and searches suspects utilizing appropriate techniques and maneuvers to render them safe for transportation and incarceration.

  • Works under a variety of unfavorable conditions including exposure to gunfire, harsh weather, poor or no lighting, exposure to hazardous chemicals and smoke, extremes in temperatures, all types of weather condition, and electrical hazards, armed/dangerous persons, communicable diseases, etc.
  • Works irregular hours including weekends, holidays and extended hours in emergency, disaster or other situations influenced by workload, staffing difficulties or equipment related repair problems.

  • Operates patrol car, handgun, baton, radar units, radios, computer, printer, etc.


 Physical and Environmental Conditions:

Performs a variety of physically demanding maneuvers and activities while involved in law enforcement and rescue operations including running, walking, stooping, bending, rolling, crawling, climbing, jumping, lifting,


 Required Qualifications:


  • Assists other employees in conducting assigned duties and responsibilities as necessary.
  • May participate in accident reconstruction and other specialized duties.
  • May serve warrants on behalf of the department and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Prepares a variety of statistical and narrative reports regarding special assignments, events and functions.
  • Assists with hostage negotiations as necessary.
  • Performs all other related duties as assigned
  • Knowledge of the administrative directives of both the City of Midland and the Police Department.
  • Knowledge of pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes and regulations; interprets and applies as necessary.
  • Knowledge of technical aspects of crime prevention and law enforcement including investigation and identification, patrol traffic control, records management, and care and custody of persons and property.
  • Knowledge of the geography of the city and the surrounding vicinity.
  • Knowledge of law enforcement and criminal justice system principles.
  • Knowledge of the safe use of firearms and other modern police equipment.
  • Knowledge of operational characteristics, services, and activities of a patrol program
  • Skill in communicating clearly and concisely, both oral and written.
  • Skill to plan, organize and manage time efficiently.
  • Skill to resolve a variety of situations characterized by conflict or danger.
  • Works independently in the absence of supervision.
  • Skill to perform duties using baton or ASP and approved arrest tactics.
  • Knowledge of basic report preparation.

Effective August 1, 2005

High School graduate or GED equivalent, plus required semester hours of approved college course work with a 2.0 or higher GPA

  • Specified number of accredited college hours, or a combination of accredited college hours with qualified experience.
  • 60 hours of college credit, no prior experience necessary.
  • 45 hours of college credit, plus 1 year of qualified experience.
  • 30 hours of college credit, plus 2 years of qualified experience.
  • 15 hours of college credit, plus 3 years of qualified experience.

Qualified experience consists of the following:

  • Prior law enforcement patrol experience, active duty military, Midland Police Department Telephone Response Unit employees, certified corrections officer, or certified jailer.
  • This prior experience will only be considered valid for application purposes if the experience has been with a single agency, and is an uninterrupted employment period, and the applicant has successfully completed that agency's probationary period as set by the respective agency or department.

Age 21 or older

Normal hearing corrected or uncorrected with uncorrected hearing loss not to exceed moderate.

Applicants must be able to pass the Department's Physical Assessment Standards

Must be a United States citizen and a resident of Midland County at the time of employment

No felony convictions, history of criminal or improper conduct, or poor driving record, which may affect the suitability for law enforcement work

If prior military service, applicant must have an honorable discharge

Must meet all conditions required to obtain TCLEOSE Basic Peace Officer Certification, The City of Midland is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Valid Texas Driver License.

Job Post Expiration Date   August 31, 2019

    All jobs posted are considered open until filled and may close at anytime except as stated in the Job Description. .